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What’s your TikTok strategy?

Source: Karthik srinivasan

Clothing Brand Calvin Klein has made its debut on TikTok recently, the talk of the town in India! Even though Tamil Nadu wants the app banned, while TikTok hired its First Public Director for India.

TikTok app is available in 38 languages and was launched in china in September 2016.

Here are a couple of backgrounders on TikTok, for the unaware:
Anatomy of TikTok – The Viral Video App from Bytedance| TikTok in India: Where uncute content is ready to ring the till

TikTok’s content is bit weird but it’s fine because it’s target audience is different.

Although a lot of Brands are getting interested in TikTok nowadays. Here’s a look at what exactly are they doing on the platform.

I did take a look. There’s Realme, scoring a LOT of ‘hearts’.

Source: karthik srinivasan

Although their content marketing is same on instagram or Facebook or twitter. Realme has people dancing on it’s oficial track and ask their users to share their videos with other people(which they are doing blindly).

Clothing Brand Calvin Klein strategy is different and are using celebs like Shawn Mendes, the Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, actor Noah Centineo, model Kendall Jenner and musician A$AP Rocky for their short videos.


Are you going to use TikTok Strategy?

Are you going to recommend your client to create Tiktok Strategy?

And that dreaded question: “What’s our TikTok strategy?”